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  • How to discover what it is you want by being the unreasonable authentic you
  • How to overcome the people pleasing syndrome
  • The telltale sign to look for that you're on track to living your purpose and being your true self
  • Effective ways in dealing with criticism as you become more successful
  • How to deal with criticism from your family while still doing what you love

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  1. How to overcome worrying about what other people think about you while staying true to who you are and what your life's purpose is..

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“The wisdom contained in this book guides you to discover the magnificence of who you are, and to feel appreciated and “worth it” for all that you do.”      
       -Dr John Demartini, International bestselling author of The Values Factor

“This book is a daily reminder of how important of a person you are and how special your life is. Thank you Chaney for telling the stories and relating the moments that are so universal in making this possible.”
Jordan Rich, Host of the Jordan Rich Show, WBZ RADIO, CBS Boston

“Chaney Weiner has created the definitive source to reclaiming  and fully
experiencing your newfound life with, Because This Is Your Life. This book
will allow the true spirit and essence of who you are to soar.”
Dr. Joe Rubino, Founder, Center For Personal Reinvention, and bestselling author


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